Customize Your Own Horse Float
Please answer the following questions to get the quotation

1. How many horse bays you need?

2     3     Other  

2. Angle load or straight load?

Angle     Straight     Others  

3. Square head or round head?

Square     Round

4.What horse bay size you want?

720*2450mm     800*2500mm     850*2600mm     900*2700mm     Others  

5. Do you want a separate living area (with a wall between horse area and living area)?

Yes     No

6. What configuration would you like to add at the head of your horse float? (Multiple choices)

Front bunks     Side bunks (Living area only)     Singe bed     No bed     Lifting table     kitchen cupboard with sink    
Kitchen cupboard without sink     Wardrobe     Shower room     Front storage     Others  

7. What configuration would you like to add in horse area?

Swing up beds in horse bay
Swing down bed by the side wall
Cowboy shower
Rug rack
Swing out tack box (angle load only)

8. What electrical equipment would you like to add?

Battery and charge     Microwave     240v Fridge     240/12v Fridge     Air conditioner     Solar panels     Camara    
television     Water system     Others  

9. What Outside equipment would you like to add?

Side tack box     Front tack box     Horse yard/fence     Awnings     Side tyre holder     Front tyre holder (Square head only)    

10. Please tell us if you have other ideas and suggestions.

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