Lead time 
- How long will it take to get the float after I made my order?

Our usual turn over time is 10-12 weeks, This period may be shortened due to the situations that we have extra models of your choice on display, in production or already in transit. Of course, it may also becomes longer because of the shortage of the ordered model, or excessive orders for the factory. So, please enquire about your order with our friendly staff first.

AVAILABILITY - Can I buy a horse float now?

This will depend on the model of float you require and alterations. We have new stock arriving regularly across our range or you can make a custom order to meet your needs. Please be advised a custom build will take longer time. Get in touch with us to find out more.

FINANCE - Do you have finance options?

Yes, we do offer finance options. We partner with a company called iCredit which specialises in finance for horse floats and can offer a finance calculator. This is an easy way to calculate how much per week it will cost you. Click here for more info.

 ALTERATIONS - What changes can I make to my horse float?

We pride ourselves on our floats because it provides our clients with exceptional value.
. Please see each individual product in 'Our Range' for more information.Each item will give you a break down of the optional extras and modifications that can be made. Please make contact with us for further information.

INSURANCE - Who would you recommend to insure my new float?

We would recommend YOUI or CIL  - Caravan & RV Insurance. To get a quote directly from them please click here to go to their website. They should be able to take care of the rest.

Horse bay’s size-If the size of the horse bays doesn’t suit my horse?

We have diffirent size of horse bays:720x2450mm is the standard size,We alsohave 800x2500mm, 850x2600mm , Or 850x2700mm Or bigger。 Please contact us, We will give you perfect solution.

Customize - Can I customize my own unique horse float?

We have a professional design team and production team, so all the unique customisation needs for your cherished horse float can be done with us based on your requirements.

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