Safety and service

Safety & Service 

~ Safety for You and Your Horses ~


We care for your floats just like you do, so EvoAce offers regular servicing and maintenance.  


We recommend that wheel bearings and brakes are serviced every 10,000km or 12 months. 


We will also check many other items such as; couplings, lights, bushes, wiring, springs, chassis mounts, cables, latches and the list goes on.

Checklist before Driving

  • Check your trailer plug is connected to the vehicle
  • Check safety chain is connected and crossed over
  • Check tow coupling is secure
  • Check handbrake is released
  • Check tyre condition, tread, sidewall cracks cuts etc.
  • Check wheel nuts
  • Ensure jockey wheel is in travel position
  • Ensure number plate is clearly visible
  • Check operation of all lights

3 Months or 1,000 km

  • After the initial break-in period, which will be approximately 1000 km's or three months, the leaf spring U Bolts should be checked and tightened if required. Your local service mechanic will be able to perform this function. If required get your local service mechanic to call our service department.


  • Check all your lights – replace any broken or worn lights
  • External hardware – Spray with WD40 (or equivalent product) and wipe down with a soft cloth
  • Front tow hitch and jockey wheel – regularly check and use the safety pin.
  • Door locks – spray with WD40
  • Tyres – Check tyre pressures and make sure the tyres are wearing evenly.
  • Check that there are no broken latches or sharp objects.
  • After driving the float, it is a good habit to periodically check for excess ‘HEAT’ at the centre cap of the mag wheel. The centre cap shouldn’t be hot to touch. If it is hot, then the bearings need to be checked straight away.
  • Wheels – check all wheel nuts are done up tightly.
  • Brakes – check and adjust where required to the brake control unit
  • Suspension – Lubricate and grease as required
  • Ball and coupling – lubricate or lightly grease
  • Breakaway unit – check battery light 


Annually – Get your float serviced by a QUALIFIED mechanic

  • Check Brakes and handbrake and adjust as required.
  • Bearings - inspect and either get them repacked or replaced depending on the degree of wear.
  • Tow hitch and jockey wheel – inspect and lubricate
  • Suspension and hinges - lubricate
  • Chassis – check welds and structural integrity
  • Floor – whether it is a hardwood floor, composite or aluminium panels check inside the float for any visible sign of depression and the same from the underside. 
  • Seals around rubber matting on the floor – check and re-apply Sikaflex if required
  • Complete full safety checklist

Water Tank – operation

  • The water tank pump is 12volt and as such operates when connected via the auxiliary wire on the trailer plug that is connected to your car. Sometimes when the trailer plugs are fitted to the motor car the auxiliary wire is NOT connected and therefore the pump will not work. An auto electrician will be able to resolve this issue. 

Horse Fences

  • To ensure the safe travel with the horse fences attached to the side of the float make sure the two latches supplied are fitted and the safety pin fitted to the lock and the webbing strap is attached.


12 Volt Battery pack

  • If your float has been fitted with a 12-volt battery system make sure that when not in use that the isolator switch is turned to the off position. If the battery becomes too drained and the voltage drops below 11 volts the battery charger will not operate. In this instance please call or email for assistance

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