EvoAce Horse Floats carry a 5-year structural warranty on the chassis, suspension and steel frame of your home floats. Modifications not carried nut or approved by EvoAce Engineering mill void this Warranty. All other items on our floats are covered by a 1-year Warranty asset out in the terms and conditions below.


1.  This warranty is effective from the initial date of sale providing that the horse float has only been used in the specific manner for which it is designed and all manufactures operation limits and guidelines have been observed. Any modifications not carried out by EvoAce or its Approved Contractors or agents may void this warranty unless previously agreed in writing and/or directly arranged by EvoAce.

2.  It is the responsibility of the float owner to read and follow the guidelines in the Float Maintenance sheet we supplied with your new float to ensure that our warranty conditions are being met.

3.  This warranty will be terminated in the event of commercial use of EvoAce Float including commercial hire, using the float for purposes other than the transport of a horse and rent, unauthorised modifications to the horse float, overloading, improper use of the horse float and failure to observe operation limits and guidelines.

4.  This warranty does not cover the following:  Tyres, bearings, rubber floor, padded dividers and any other items which are deemed to be normal wear and tear items.

5.  This warranty will be terminated in the event that the float owner fails to service and maintain the horse float on a regular basis and the claim is associated with and/or is the direct result of neglect.

6.  It may void the warranty in the event that the initial 1,500km / 6 month mandatory preventative service is not carried out by a qualified mechanic. A receipt must be kept to confirm such a service was performed.

7.  To help stop the rust forming, the steel used in a EvoAce Floats Chassis is hot dipped galvanised. However it does not prevent rust in certain situations such as : if chemicals, acids or salt water gets on the float then it should be washed off immediately. Also any scratches and stone chips that can penetrate the galvanising should be treated and painted immediately to help prevent rust forming.

8.  The 2 year frame and chassis warranty does not cover rust forming in the horse float and does not cover general wear and tear of the horse float. This includes horses chewing, scratching, pawing or kicking to the horse float and the use of any feed buckets and hay nets in or attached to the horse float.

9.  Should the float owner suspect that the float contains a structural defect/s, the float owner shall bring the horse float to EvoAce shop or to any approved repairers premises for inspection and repairs if needed for a full assessment at the float owner’s expense. EvoAce floats reserves the right to inspect all warranty claims

10.  EvoAce Floats shall not be liable for the costs of any repair or upgrade works arranged by the float owner that may constitute works under this warranty unless prior consent has been directly provided by EvoAce or an authorised agent of EvoAce. In the event that works or modifications are undertaken on the horse float by the float owner during the warranty period without the consent of EvoAce or its authorised agents, this may constitute the voiding of the warranty.

11.  This warranty supersedes all other expressed or implied warranties. No person is authorised to give or make changes to this warranty on behalf of EvoAce Floats. Nor are they to assume EvoAce Floats have any other liability in connection with any of its products unless made in writing and signed by the proprietor of EvoAce Floats.

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