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The best in the game

Introducing the all-new EvoAce Overnighter, where comfort seamlessly intertwines with equine well-being for a transformative overnight experience. Crafted with a commitment to exceeding expectations, the EvoAce Overnighter is designed for those who crave more - more comfort, more connection, and more memorable moments with their beloved horses. In the equestrian world, precision matters, just like in the competitive racing scene. We've meticulously enhanced the EvoAce Overnighter, focusing on the essentials. From the plush sleeping space for you to the thoughtfully designed equine quarters, every detail is tailored to redefine your overnight experience. The cutting-edge design includes innovative features like a cozy sleeping area, ensuring you wake up refreshed for a new day of adventures with your four-legged partner. We've integrated modern comforts and seamless connections between human and horse, creating an unparalleled bond that goes beyond the ordinary. With the EvoAce Overnighter, claim the pole position in comfort, and forge unforgettable connections with your equine companion, every night and every journey.


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